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Hey friend!

Humbled that you stumbled upon this page. I'm just a respiratory therapist, boy momma turned virtual assistant. Through my own hard life growing up, struggles with compassion fatigue, depression, PCOS, and anxiety I found my purpose. Empowering YOU to holistically show up for yourself first before your patients, family, and your to-do list. Let's Go!! Here to help you with your biz so you have more time with those you love. Below are a list of things that I feel will help you on your journey. Also on this list are my VIP groups! No matter what I hope we get to meet or cross paths so I can get to know you better! 


wellness journey

Showing up for yourself holistically doesn't take much to do. Having the right tools is key. Having a virtual assistant to help you with the tools is key.  More time with family + consistent exercise + positivity + community = Holistically Showing up For YOU!!


Vessel Health

All opinions are my own. Get valuable health results in under 5 minutes at your fingertips at home! Vessel test 7+ wellness metrics. Vessel gives you the information you need to go from feeling good to being great every day, in every way. Get 20% off on your first order using code: crissyminnett

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Positive Body Boutique

As an independent consultant with Closet Candy, I can't help but think how much my wardrobe has evolved!! This company is gold, the clothes are amazing, and there is always a sale! Lastly, doing this business with my bestie is fire!!! Have fun shopping!! Go get addicted!


Bloom Your Own Way Life Coaching

Join this free community! A community that will teach you the benefits of life coaching, fun challenges, giveaways, and growth!

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