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The idea to become my own boss ignited for me when I was working in the thick of the ICU with Covid patients. I was emotionally drained and burned out due to compassion fatigue as a Respiratory Therapist. It lit a fire in my soul to do something positive about it and take action. Why not make a difference outside of the hospital in a positive way. Our kids deserved to have a healthy and happy set of parents, and be there for them on the weekend. I found a way to combine my passion for wellness and my "Why" to bring an impact to others with an online home-based business. The drive of an entrepreneur is in my blood! Only a natural transgression to spill it over to help others with their to-do list!


As a virtual assistant, my commitment is to help you find your passion to create an online business that doesn't feel like work. I take a huge interest in others who have a true passion for putting their clients at the forefront of their business. I help them identify their goals and then make those goals attainable with a busy life, and reach them. Here to help you attack your task! Focus in social media management and building your community.


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